A little recipe/product disclaimer verbage:

Not every recipe on my site will work for a single person or diet. There are many variations and different types listed. Because of the nature of my family's medical conditions and allergies - we sometimes find ourselves making 2-3 different meals or versions of a meal to make it work. I also have two who can eat anything they want because they have no medical concerns. I try to label everything to the best of my knowledge but please do your own research and make your own decisions about ingredients and recipes that are right for you and your particular circumstance.

Products I show may change over time. You are responsible to check labels and ingredients particularly if you have food allergies. Manufacturers constantly change formulations and ingredients and procedures. Please be wise, do your own research. Things I have here may become outdated but I am not responsible/a substitute for careful selection and preparation of what you and your family/situation need.